Shoe Helper - Easy Wear Shoe Clip (1 Pair)

$14.95 $29.99

Wearing shoes is definitely a petty annoyance: Difficult for parents and elders to bend over, hard for pregnant women to squat, tough for children to stretch... Let's Save Shoes and Feet of your Family! 

Shoe Helper - Easy Wear Shoe Clip allows your feet to slide into shoes directly by simple steps - Just clip & slide! Designed with ergonomic curvy shape and perfect angle, it helps you comfortably slip into your shoes without pinching or bulging, even with wide feet.

Also prevent improper way of shoe-wearing which causes over-friction and further pain to corns, calluses etc.

Especially ideal for those who are:

  • Elderly;
  • Children;
  • Suffering from mobility problems;
  • Pregnant women and more.

    • Laziest Way to Wear Shoes - Just clip and glide in a second! Curve design provides great flexibility to bend while trying to slide on your shoes. Perfectly angled for easy gliding for your feet. 
    • For Everyone - Ideal for anyone especially for elderly, kids and those who suffer from narrow shoe shape, mobility problems.
    • One Size Fits All - Each standard shoe helper is 6.9 inches long. 
    • Ergonomic Design - Smooth, rounded edges and curvy surface help you comfortably slip into your shoes without pinching or bulging, even with wide feet. Prevent improper way of shoe wearing which causes over-friction and further pain to corns, calluses etc.    
    • Preserve Shoe Shapes - Shoe helper prevents over pulling of shoes, prolonging life of your luxurious shoes and keeping the perfect shape of your loafers, sneakers, brogues and any types of shoes.

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