Outdoor Misting Cooling System

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The Outdoor Misting Cooling System has multiple different uses: The Cooling System is perfect to have set up in your backyard or patio to cool down from the heat in the summer time, and it is also perfect for those with a garden or greenhouse who want to keep their plants and grass healthy and alive.

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  • Easy to install and operate
  • Keeps plants and grass lush and green
  • Enjoy your backyard or patio even in the hot summer with the misting system
  • Energy and water efficient 

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outdoor misting cooling system


  • Connect the faucet adaptor to the water tap
  • Turn on the water to rinse out the system for 1 minute
  • Screw the misting nozzles to the Tee fittings, except the last one for the end plug
  • Turn on water to rinse out the system for 2 minutes
  • Turn off water and install last nozzle into the end plug fitting
  • Fix the misting line with the provided saddle clamps 
  • Turn on tap slightly until mist jets are running
  • Enjoy the misting system 

outdoor cooling mist system

Product Specifications:

Material: PE Plastic

Nozzle Material: Brass body with stainless steel orifice

Nozzle Connector: Slip Lock Connector

Tubing: PE Tubing

Power Supply: Hooks up to home hose/tap water system

Size: Nozzle Interval: 23.62 inches (60cm)



(The caliber is only 0.4mm, the nozzle interval is about 60CM)

Scope of application: plant dust removal and humidification agricultural horticulture irrigation
6 meters white set: 3 meters water supply pipe, 3 meters spray pipe, 6 spray seats, 6 nozzles, 1 faucet connection, 1 plug, 20 ties, 20 pipe buckles
9 meters white set: 3 meters water supply pipe, 6 meters spray pipe, 11 spray seats, 11 nozzles, 1 faucet connector, 1 plug, 30 ties, 30 buckles


1 set -  Atomized Sprinkler

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