NoTouchy - Self-Sterilizing Door Handle Opener and Elevator Presser Stick

$14.95 $29.99

Keep your hands safe from possible virus-contaminated door handles, elevator buttons, etc with this non-contact self-sterilizing door and elevator stick!

The most common way of virus spread is when people touching the surfaces which have been contaminated by an infected patient. This work by someone who has the disease coughing or sneezing on their hand, then touching the doorknobs and lift button while they have the virus on their hand.

This portable NoTouchy stick can avoid direct contact between your hands and viruses when opening the door or pressing the elevator button. It is suitable for use in public places, small in size and easy to carry anywhere. 


  • Anti-Epidemic Tool - This small stick can be used to open the doorknob, door handle, press the elevator button or open drawer in public places, avoid direct contact between your hands and the virus.

  • Self-sterilizing and Reusable - The sponge pads inside to absorb disinfectant, which makes this tool a complete self-disinfection after use and prepares for the next time use.

  • Environmental Friendly - Made of high-quality ABS material that is durable, smooth and solid to use.
  • Portable - Lightweight, compact and portable. 
  • Wide Applications - It can be widely applied to students, office workers, deliverymen, commuters, or other public places.


  • Note: Item does not come with disinfectant, kindly drip 4-5 drops of disinfectant before use.  
  • Open the front cover and use it to press the elevator button. It comes with a sponge for disinfectant, so it will kill the virus every time you use it. 
  • Open the side cover and use it to clip the door handle, so you don't have to direct contact with it. It comes with a sponge for disinfectant and will kill the virus every time you use it.


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