Whether your child is in kindergarten or middle school, a GPS tracker for kids are one of the many ways to keep them safe at school.

See them arrive and leave school safely, go between afterschool activities, and even talk to them directly through two-way communication on the devices. 

These trackers come as GPS wearables like watches and they have the features below:

1. GSM quad band network

3. SOS alarm 

4. SiRFstar IV GPS chipset, rapid and accurate positioning

6. Calling

7. Hand-free talk 

8. Two way Hi-Fi audio communication

9. Voice surveillance

10. Geo-fence: set and display a Geo-fence area, when the device gets into or get out the geo-fence area, it will send an alert SMS to the authorized number

11. GSM standby time up to 300 hours

12. Low power alarm

13. SIM changing alarm

It has 3 modes:

      * Silent monitoring mode: All the 5 pre-setting phone numbers dial the device under the condition of no bell ring, you can remotely listen to the voices around the device but can't talk with the user;

      * Auto answer mode: All the 5 pre-setting numbers dial the device, after a bell ring, you can remotely listen to the voice around the device and speak to the user

      * Push to talk mode: Any pre-setting number dial the device number, only after the user pressed the buttons (1 button, 2 button or SOS button, any one will be ok), you can speak to the device user.

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