Hamster Cages 3 Levels

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Want Your Hamster To Live In Luxury?

Hamsters can live in small cages, but why not give them more freedom to explore and enjoy a luxury 3 level hamster cage that has a slide and much more for your hamster to enjoy with our hamster cages.

Just because hamsters are a small animal doesn't mean they have to live in a small box, give them a great environment with our hamster cages. The hamster bin cage will provide your hamster with places they can feel cozy, safe and areas to play and enjoy. In the pink hamster cage they can relax in any part giving them multiple options.

Hamster Cages 3 Levels Bin Pink Blue Cage


  • COMPLETE KIT: The hamster cages is designed for one hamster to enjoy their life and roam around. The hamster cages is a 3 level cage making it perfect for a small critter to live in. The hamster bin cage comes with a bottom, middle platform and a top level with a hamster hut
  • ATTACHMENTS: With our pink hamster cage you can add many different things such as hamster tunnels, slides, housing, ladders and much more the possibilities are endless with our hamster cages
  • CONVENIENT: The hamster cages are made big enough for your hamster to enjoy, but also making it easy for you to clean and take with you on travels or to move them from place to place inside the hamster cages

Hamster Cages 3 Levels Bin Pink Blue Cage

Hamster Cages 3 Levels Bin Pink Blue Cage


  • Color: Blue, Pink
  • Material: Plastic and Metal
  • Size: 23 x 17 x 45cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Hamster Cages 3 Levels

Hamster Cages 3 Levels Bin Pink Blue Cage

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