DIY Handmade Ukulele Kit

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Build and decorate your very own ukulele with the DIY Handmade Ukulele Kit. This do-it-yourself set includes all of the components necessary to assemble a fully functional uke (street slang for ukulele). Every part was handmade by the expert ukulele crafters.

With the help of a bit of wood glue and screwdriver, you'll be strumming away in a matter of an hour. This is an awesome project for kids to do with their parents, as the completed instrument is compact, easy to learn, and fun to play. Also suitable as a gift for those who love DIY & music enthusiasts!

The unfinished wood allows you to decorate your ukulele in any number of fun ways.

For people who like: DIY projects, gifts for kids, gifts for the inner child music

Features & Specs:

  • Great bonding activity: Children and parents work together to improve relationships, excellent parent-child interaction activity.
  • Handmade gift: Simple and fun to build. Perfect as a gift.
  • Enhance Creativity: Artistic activities can provide children with an interesting and inspirational environment to help children understand the natural world and their own exploration.
  • Easy to assemble: Perfect for DIY Beginner & Music Fan
  • Material: Basswood Body + Plastic + Metal + Ukulele Nylon Strings
  • Size: 21 Inches

Package includes: 

  • 1 * Basswood Body
  • 1 * Basswood Neck
  • 1 * Plastic Fingerboard
  • 1 * Plastic Bridge
  • 1 * Plastic Upper Nut
  • 1 * Plastic Lower Nut
  • 4 * Nylon Strings
  • 2 * Tones
  • 4 * Tuning Heads
  • 4 * Tuning Head Nuts
  • 8 * Tuning Head Screws
  • 4 * Fingerboard Screws
  • 2 * Bridge Screws


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