13 Pcs Set Electric Drill Brush

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Time-saving and labor-saving:Electric cleaning brush can greatly improve production efficiency and is cleaner than manual cleaning brush. This product does not include cordless drills.

Three brushes:3.5 "round brush, 4" brush, 2 inch yellow brush. Use a stiff brush to clean hard surfaces such as bathtubs, floors, tiles, toilets, washstands, and stone tables. It is recommended to use a small brush head when cleaning the gap position.

4-inch brush head bra mesh: 5 hard nylon meshes sticking to the special brush head are very convenient and can be used to clean areas with wider stains. Sponge cleaning cloth can be used for cleaning of doors, tables, chairs and glass. The sponge is very soft and will not harm the surface of the object.

Set includes:

2 pcs 4 inch red cleaning cloth
3 pcs 4 inch green cleaning cloth
1 pcs 4 inch orange sponge wipe
1 pcs 4 inch M6 inner hexagon plastic disc
1 pcs 150mm extension rod
1 pcs 2 inch yellow brush Head
2 pcs 4.1-inch yellow brush heads
1pcs 3.5 inch yellow brush heads
1 pcs flexible shaft (29 cm)


Brush wire material: nylon
Size: as shown
Color: Yellow
Brush Handle Type: Hexagonal Screw

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